Musings from Glen Wallis

Live Techno Artist

Mar 6, 2005 | General


In pursuit of the always evolving Techno sound. The melodic rhythm cycle of sounds that awaken your soul and allow you freedom to express… by shakin’ some ass!!

It is ancient, but now its modern too. Its true essence is rhythm. It is found in all types of music, but in Techno, rhythm is the main focus. Rhythm asks you to move with it, simply allow it to take control and enjoy the feeling.

Quick Brief

Not sure who I am really. I grew up in different parts of Australia. My parents travelled a lot, they are also musicians.

Born in Sydney then moved to a farm in Central NSW for a while. Did farm stuff like riding bikes and shooting rabbits. Also started to learn the guitar and first learnt how to modify stereo components. Played guitar at lots of bush dances and camp-fires.

The farm went bad in the drought and we moved to the coast – Port Macquarie NSW. That was good for surfing and fishing. Here is where I started to study martial arts, namely Ninjitsu (Togakure). I also got right into computing and early musical sequencing on AppleII and C64. I also started to race Karts on dirt tracks and tarmac. Won a few trophies doing that.

Went back to Central NSW to finish off my school years. Got right into guitar stuff.

After school finished it was time to do the tertiary thing. This was OK but not really what I wanted to do. I became an Engineer. I also started to race motor-cars and did rally-sprints, hill-climbs and circuit. Won lots of trophies but costs lots of money. During this time I also played lots of guitar, but it didn’t hold my interest enough. I got into computer based music production – hmmm interesting?!

Well into my Engineering career I started to wonder what I am really here for. I had also reached the end of my training in Ninjitsu and wanted to know more… but what? I left the martial arts and guitar and took up philosophy.

That consumed me entirely for about 3 years. After about 2 years I found Techno. Then I went to Melbourne VIC.

…now Techno consumes me. It means my entire reality now. I am now in my 5th year of Techno and it still reveals more to me every day. I think it is a new language. Its like a surrealist image only in the realm of sound not canvas. Its the only real challenge I have found for my mind.

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