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OzGanic @ Revolver

The article “OzGanic featuring Holotropik @ Revolver, Melbourne” by @phunkdust was first published on in October 2002.

7 Oct 2002 | Articles | 0 comments

OzGanic feat. Holotropik.

The day finally came – the debut Live Melbourne set for Glen ‘Electribe’ Wallis, aka Holotropik as part of the OzGanic Music Festival in Melbourne.

Sunday night at Revolver Upstairs, not exactly the best conditions to win the crowd over, but Holotropik isn’t your average Techno act. For one thing, this guy plays 100% Live. Armed with the small but mighty Korg Electribes, a mixer, and the Kaoss Pad, Holotropik was ready to fire out some raw juicy beats.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking Holotropik for just-another-guy-with-a-drum-machine, at least, until you heard the first few seconds of his set. Starting out with roots Techno, Holotropik soon had the moderate Revolver crowd nodding along with the beat. It was infectious, you just had this urge to get up and dance. Was this guy performing some kind of magic? No, just sheer practiced professionalism.

Phrase and looped based music can sound repetitive on the surface but it is what lies beneath that is the key to listening. The mood and emotion of Trance and Techno is subtle and driven more by under tones and frequency manipulations.

Holotropik moves the mood into tribal, bringing in fierce snares and tabla sounds, dances on stage like a tribal warrior, tweaks the sound to the pleasure of the punters, pushes the sound into a what you might call hard-tribal-trance, and brings it back down to roots Techno to finish the set.

If you had to sum up Holotropik, or rather Glen himself, you’d have to say that this guy knows his music. He can tap in to the vibe like he was one of the punters and tweak his gear to just the right sound to get everyone moving. Holotropik knows his gear too. You’d think there is only so much you can do with equipment that you “can carry in two briefcases and a backpack”, as Glen describes it. But he knows everything about his equipment, he is a master at the game. Hang on, didn’t I say this was a DEBUT? Yep, debut performance, and he’s got the technique down pat already.


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