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All DAWs suck!!

All DAWs suck!!

What is it with all these DAWs? They all suck in some way, usually it is some sort of strange limitation or crappy interface and crazy workflow. But mostly all DAWs have a real problem with performance, they all crap out when you really don’t want them to, throwing glitches and weird issues talking to the audio interface at random times and in random ways.

Why I chose AUM over Ableton

Why I chose AUM over Ableton

Why did I choose to use AUM (Kymatica) on the iPad rather than Ableton on the MacBook? It all comes down to money and reliability.



Subtorq - Glen Wallis

Mixing, remixing, reinventing, regurgitating, experimenting and evolving.

Glen Wallis is Subtorq

Glen has always had one foot in the ancient past and the other stepping into the future.

Blending the sounds of our tribal past with the technology and musical techniques of the future in a way that connects the timeless line of communication through music.

Solidly grounded in rhythm based reiterative music intertwined with reflections of the present moment in time.

A rhythmic diary that records its daily logs in the digital realm.

Entering this path during the peak of the electronic music scene Glen quickly dispatched with the traditional DJ techniques and explored more creative elements of this new sound.

Choosing to mix drum-machines, samplers and synthesizers that provided more freedom to follow the energy of the music and the gathering.

A technique that was not always the most popular or easily sustained, yet rewarding due to the instantaneous creative nature of live mixing.