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Techno Misunderstood

Techno Misunderstood

It is not a novelty style of music
that you will find on the latest music Top40 charts.

It cannot be known
by everyone
because it represents
a part of us that we often fear to

Techno Misunderstood

Why Techno

Music created
for the purpose of invoking trance.

A need to express
unity and balance
and a search for purpose.

Techno Misunderstood

Traditions: The History of Rave Culture

Through coincidence or fate I have become aware of an almost continuous lineage of Raving throughout mans’ history. Perhaps this is a reminder to some or perhaps you never realised the complete history of Raves. Most are aware of the general culture of Raves and the guidelines for Rave etiquette, but, not many would be aware of the tradition that accompanies these values.